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The magic wand of Public Relations.

PR analysis can be tedious. From keeping track of all your news coverage to finding the right journalist to cover your industry, all this is part of a never ending process, one which brings out great results but takes away your precious time.

Wizikey is here to help you save an extra hour, every day. This platform was born as a result of endless brainstorming sessions over making PR analysis a tad bit easier.

Wizikey is your one-stop destination for all things PR. Track your news on the go, get PR analysis in seconds and connect with the journalist who understands your domain. Get your magic wand today!

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Wizikey provides you 'time' which you thought had vanished from your life.

If you know what PR is, you will instantly relate to all the difficulties it has. Finding the right journalist working on the right stuff is one thing, while getting into contact with that journalist is another story. And talking about analyzing the company's’ growth and their press release, they need a lot of manual work and are giant time eaters.

Understanding the hurdles of PR and with the motive to make their work more interesting and time efficient, Aditi Bhargava (IITian) and Aakriti Bhargava decided to find a solution. They believe that with the world becoming technically more advanced, it is time for PR to follow similar footsteps.They understand very well why and how these problems can be solved with a technical approach. As they were looking to rectify these issues, they came at a solution to build a software tool that could help everyone connected to PR. It took a lot to build something similar to what they thought and although the inputs were quite high, the output was lucrative. We call it Wizikey.

PR is a very interesting field where every new client brings a new challenge. One manages and walks through the storm and finally, after all the hard work, a new press release brings the sunshine. But that is not enough. Keeping track of all the releases and providing the client all related data is a continuous process. The never ending journey surely brings a lot of learning and amazing results, but sadly, it consumes a lot of time. Perhaps, being able to do the same amount of work in half the time is just an unrealistic fantasy of PR people. But what if we tell you it is not a fantasy anymore? Wizikey provides you that 'time' which you thought had vanished from your life. It gets the analysis done in far less time. It also solves your headache of finding the ‘right’ journalist with the ‘right’ information.

Welcome to the new world of PR. Happy Wizikey-ing !

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