March 24, 2020 3 minutes read

NaMO draws a “Lakshman Rekha” for the country; announces a pan-India lockdown for 21 days to control the spread of SARS- cov-2.

Quoting the precedent set by countries like Germany, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a three-week lockdown across the country to safeguard the citizens from contracting and spreading SARS-cov-2. Claiming that these 21 days could save our country from a 21-year setback, he urged Indians to stay home and stay safe.

Here are a few key highlights from his speech.

For the people, by the people – on #JantaCurfew.

He lauded the large scale and age/class agnostic participation of Indians in upholding the Janta Curfew observed on Sunday – 15th March. 

“ It showcased the collaborative power of India as a nation.”

Be a carer, not a carrier!

Cautioning against the hidden nature of this disease, Modi insists that we could be unknown carriers and infect our loved ones without intending to. Symptoms don’t appear in the first few days.

S O C I A L   D I S T A N C I N G    I S K E Y

The COVID death toll has topped 17,000 across the globe. It has rendered even the most powerful nations helpless. He insisted that social distancing is the only means to curb the spread.

“Social distancing is for everyone! Even the Prime Minister. Don’t be under the illusion that it’s only for those who have contracted the disease.”

It has spread like a wildfire, which is why the situation went out of hand, in several countries despite having the best healthcare facilities. 

Citing the WHO report, Modi shared that “it took 67 days to reach 1 lakh people, then in just 11 days 1 lakh more were infected. To reach 3 lakhs it took only 4 days. This shows you how fast COVID spreads.” 

We shall overcome.. But, how? 

Stringent quarantine efforts and a countrywide lockdown is the only way forward. Modi insisted that we must prioritize people over profit and that financial backlash is well worth each life saved. 

Further, he announced a budget of Rs 15,000 crore to strengthen the healthcare infrastructure in the country, training professionals, stocking up on ventilators and testing kits etc. 

Social Media – A Powerful Platform 

A new-age leader, Modi also appreciated the innovative and informative posts making the rounds on social media. 

No amount of #ThaliTali is enough

He also appreciated the unsung heroes serving on the frontlines and combating COVID-19, putting their own lives at risk. They’re working round the clock – ward boys, doctors, members of the media, metro officials, police officers. He insisted that we must all do our bit and stay at home because they stayed at work for us. 

Misinformation is mayhem

He ended the speech cautioning all citizens to not fall prey to misinformation, and fake news. And also advised all to not take any medicines without consulting healthcare professionals. 

“It’s time for courage and determination, patience and discipline. Keep your promise.”  

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