Wizikey is a Cloud-based Content
Marketing & PR platform.

It gives you everything you need to manage PR campaigns to grow your business.

Instead of aimlessly targeting journalists, editors, bloggers, influencers

You’ll use Wizikey’s easy-to-use dashboard to find journalists who are truly interested in your clients, products, and campaigns. We help you search them by beat, interest, recently written articles and far beyond to make sure your pitch doesn’t end up in the spam or trash box. Just enter a keyword that defines your industry, and let Wizikey find the most relevant journalist for that topic (along with the articles they’ve written).

Scavenging the internet is passe’, narrow down your search

Wizikey’s powerful filtering and segmentation options make it a breeze to choose the right contacts to reach out. We filter your searches on the basis of a time period, location, publication and social media presence. Spreading you stories have never been easier, right?

Painstaking sent items scrolling gets replaced with

Wizikey’s My Pitches page that keeps all the record of your pitches at the same place. We even monitor opens and clicks of your pitches to let you know what gets opened and what doesn’t.

Don’t sniff through social media pages, just tell us your favourites

Wondering which journalists is saying what? What are they sharing and criticizing? Or Would they be interested in your pitch at all? Let Wizikey do the heavy lifting for you. With Wizikey’s Followed Journalists tool, you can instantly see what all your followed people are talking about. You literally don’t have to lift a finger to be in the know of people you follow. Your ‘favourites’ social media profiles will be automatically compiled and regularly updated.