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How do I use this?

Here are some tips to help you play with Wizdom:

To search for a single word, type the keyword like this: Flipkart.
To search for a phrase, type the keyword with apostrophes: “Amazon India”.
To search for two keywords in the same news piece (highly specific), use AND:
“Jeff Bezos” AND “Amazon India” will return both the keywords in the same news.
If you want to exclude a particular type of mentions for a brand, use NOT: "Youtube" NOT "Music".

To ensure that you get the most relevant results, it is essential to enter the right keywords in the correct manner.

What's Wizdom?

Wizdom is our data-driven PR analytics tool that gauges your brand's authority in the media against competitors.

Wizdom measures your Earned Media Authority - a metric to show PR's impact. It does this using realtime data and a sleek dashboard to represent the it visually.

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