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Get access to over 20k journalists. Find the be-fitting opinion maker from all over India

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Find Journalists by Relevance

Discovery made easy

Find journalists that cover the subject which matter to you and your business. Reach your audience effectively.

Filters for focussed search

Deep dive on your search and locate the right press folks by location, publication, twitter reach and more.

Data driven Media Relationship

Build media relationships with fundamentals of customer relationship. Engage and nurture them basis insights, activities and industry trends

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Media Connections that Matter

Real-time database

Database that learns from your experience every moment and updates real-time

Smart Search Algorithms

Database that curates journalist list basis the keywords and not just interest


From Delhi to San Francisco, from Bengaluru to Boston, get access to over 20k journalists available from over 2500 publications

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All you need to know about the journalists at one place

Rich Journalist Profiles

Everything you need to know about the journalists across LinkedIn and Twitter collected at one place to save your time

Build Journalist cohorts

View journalist profiles, past history, and much more to deliver most relevant pitches

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In this conversation with Tanu Ganguly, Founder, Mishry, she talks about how the ease of PR execution with Wizikey is highly advantageous.
Tanu Ganguly
Founder, Mishry
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Wizikey offers PR & Media solutions to enterprises across the globe. We serve 500+ organizations, 20,000+ media personnel in 3000+ reputed publications worldwide.

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