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How does Wizikey Local Work?

Before: Countless hours in phone calls to find the right local media
Now: Just 3 steps to help you reach out to the relevant local media

Select City

Where you want to do the press release.

Where you want to do the press release.

Schedule press release and Pay

Select the date when you want to release the story. Pay the delivery fees to reach local media and confirm your release.

Select the date when you want to release the story. Pay the delivery fees to reach local media and confirm your release.

Get Results

You will start receiving the local media requests and stories right in your email.

You will start receiving the local media requests and stories right in your email.

Our Mission

As India builds for Bharat, we understand how important it is to be vocal in Bharat. And as consumers from every nook of the country are looking for businesses made in India, it is essential to be out there and creating awareness so that they get to know you. Whether you are building an export business in Imphal or running an IT company in Jaipur, building an e-commerce portal in Patna or artificial intelligence startup in Vizag - we all need to create the awareness that builds credibility. This is what we have set out for, Help businesses get the right visibility - whether that is in the villages or towns (via Wizikey Local) or whether it is in the cities (Wizikey).

Our mission is to see you get the visibility you deserve.

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About Us

We are a team of Engineers and Communicators (we call them Wizards!), working tirelessly to help businesses reach out to press from the remote part of Bharat to cities of India and also (very soon) to anywhere in the world!

Launched in 2019 by Anshul Sushil (IIT, MICA, Ex-HCL) Aakriti Bhargava (SRCC, MICA and Ex-Naukri.com), it has garnered 1000+ users over 250+ businesses who have created more than 2500 stories in over 9 languages.

Our Investors

With investors like Ajai Chowdhry (Co-founder, HCL), Alok Mittal (Co-founder and CEO, Indifi), Ambarish Raghuvanshi (ex-CFO, Info Edge), Keshav R Murugesh (CEO, WNS), Raman Roy (Chairman, NASSCOM and Chairman, Quattro), Sanjiv Bajaj (Joint Chairman & Managing Director, Bajaj Capital) and the Indian Angel Fund among others, wizikey is striving every day to ensure businesses can get the credibility and trust which they deserve.

Ajai Chowdhry Image

Ajai Chowdhry

Co-Founder, HCL

Alok Mittal Image

Alok Mittal

Founder, Indifi

Ambarish Raghuvanshi Image

Ambarish Raghuvanshi

Ex-CFO, InfoEdge

Raman Roy Image

Raman Roy

Founder, Quatrro

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  • 1Does Wizikey Local guarantee a story?

    Once you submit the press release, our editorial team will share feedback on whether the story is newsworthy or not. If it is good to proceed, we share it with our on-ground team working with the local media and press. You can then expect results depending on the cities selected. If the story is not newsworthy, we will let you know; you can cancel the order and we will refund the full amount.

  • 2What happens if I don't get any stories?
  • 3How long is the city package valid for?
  • 4Can a particular publication be targeted?
  • 5Can we help in translation?
  • 6What to do when the payment fails?
  • 7What if my choice of city is not mentioned?
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