Digital brand building is chaotic.

Before Wizikey: Data is scattered. It’s tough to take action. The communications team are stressed.After Wizikey: All relevant data is in one place. The communications team are armed with insights to make the right decisions. And, a sense of calm sets in.

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Wizikey Trends

News Score

Wizikey Trends

News Score

News Score is AI-powered metric helping brands measure their brand-building effectiveness and news visibility. We evaluate your news market share, so you can see quickly how you are performing in your industry and curate your future campaigns to drive real business results.

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Share of Voice

Share of voice is a strong measure of brand recall. This metric enables you to measure your authority in your niche or market share.

News Insights

Discover the key insights that make your marketing work. Our news insights help brands monitor their performance against key competitors in real-time and help build better campaigns.

Narrative Insights

Are you creating the right narratives? Receive real-time insights into your brand's narrative and find out how it can be improved


Get instant and accurate insights on reporters, publications, locations, their areas of interest, and news covered so far, among other things. This metric helps you in making relevant reach out.

News Feed

Get immediate access to real-time news on your brand and your competitors.


Set up automated and custom alerts and monitor what’s going on in your industry in real-time. This will support you and your team to be informed of the brand-specific news, articles on your competition, and industry conversations in general and stay ahead of the competition.

Wizikey Engage

New Campaign

Wizikey Engage

New Campaigns

Launch your campaigns at will with country-specific reporters. Monitor your release and strategize follow-up campaigns.


Access all the information about your campaigns, pitches, and audiences. See how many people responded, engagement rates, and the media coverage it caused. This information will enable you to create more effective pitches.

Search Media

Search media by countries, locations, interests, and curate your media reach out plan that is impactful.


The shared inbox helps in reducing clutter. Your team has access to a common inbox to respond to media inquiries so that you never miss a story opportunity.

Brand box

We understand the value of team collaboration, so we created the brand box. We made it easy to store and share critical documents with relevant reporters. Now you can access your branded materials anytime, anywhere, and on any device.


Get an overview of the performance of your campaigns and get actionable insights to drive future strategies.

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Wizikey saves time by bringing relevant brand mentions from news, blogs, podcasts and other mediums in one place. It provides insights to build better awareness. It is built by communications' professionals who struggled with excel sheets, clunky software and decided to solve it themselves.

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