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From finding journalists to reporting performance, Wizikey simplifies PR workflow at every step.

Find Relevant Press

Find Relevant Press

Cloud CRM to manage contacts

Organize media contacts in our cloud CRM. No need to search through hundreds of files and folders.

Powerful keyword search

Go beyond searching by name. Find new journalists by the keywords they use in their stories.

AI Engine to find relevant press

Improve your media targeting by reaching to relevant journalists recommended by our AI engine.

Collaboration Made Easy

Collaboration Made Easy

Workspaces for global teams

Collaborate seamlessly with peers on PR workflow in shared workspaces.

Brandbox for digital assets

Manage all your brand assets on cloud with a media Dropbox of your own.

Built-in Campaigns Manager

Send pitches, respond to queries and track coverage – all in one integrated product.

Discover Deep Insights

Discover Deep Insights

Go beyond traditional metrics

Track metrics that make sense. Industry first metrics such as EMA to gauge true performance.

Real-time Campaign analytics

Get detailed real-time analysis on your campaigns for reporting and optimization.

Go Deep on Narrative Analysis

Analyze your narrative balance to identify focus areas for the next PR campaigns.

Press Discovery Made Easy

Know reporters and publications that write on your competitors and industry but not on you.

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Increase in Journalist Reach


Increase in response rate by press


Reduction in time taken to send pitches


Wizikey offers PR & Media solutions to enterprises across the globe. We serve 500+ organizations, 20,000+ media personnel in 2500+ reputed publications worldwide.

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