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Hottest Startups of 2020 - Wizikey Newsmakers

Hottest Startups of 2020 shares the top influential startups in the Indian ecosystem, their rankings & reasons for success, and being in the news. The report has been created by evaluating a total of 5 million news articles spread across 500+ distinct publications.

The report highlights Wizikey ranking for the following

  • Metrics and insights for key players
  • Overall top rankers and reasons for their success
  • Industry-wise performance top startups


Hottest Startups of 2020 - Wizikey Newsmakers

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Wizikey saves time by bringing relevant brand mentions from news, blogs, podcasts and other mediums in one place. It provides insights to build better awareness. It is built by communications' professionals who struggled with excel sheets, clunky software and decided to solve it themselves.

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