March 24, 2020 2 minutes read
Remote working with the team: Virtual meetings and town halls are helping us remain sane during the coronavirus outbreak!

Working remotely with team is challenging. The things that we at Wizikey are missing the most is the Visual of each other – coffee breaks, client discussions and whatnot. Aakriti and I shared an internal memo recently and thought of sharing with you as well to probably share with your teams and tell them how much you miss working with them.

I have realised how beautiful it is to work together, in office, now that we are in times of coronavirus. When we are together, there is visual trust. I know you are there and that things are good. However, ever since “Work From Home” has started, I am missing the general pat on the back, the casual shout out, the essential customer crib, the “chal chai peete hai’, the brimming smiles, the joy of coverage and the morning newspaper reading…. 😉

This will pass. The morning reading of the newspapers will be back. We will be together, again at our office in Smartworks. 🙂

Bringing back visual trust in the virtual world.

It’s hard to build virtual trust but it’s all in the mind. You can control it by telling yourself that we are all in this fight together. And of course, I will not less this pass, unless we all reflect and find ways of building virtual trust. The sage in me wants her ‘pravachan’ out.

So close your eyes, oops, no no read … and imagine me saying this at our ADDA in the conference room full of all of you…

– Improve TAT – Let your team, customer not wait on you. When you are working remotely with the team, remember, they don’t see you around, knowing that you are working on something is a wild fantasy. Let them know that you are on it. Convey a timeline. Say, I should be able to get to this by 7pm today. 

– Schedule non high activity hours to deep work – Morning 9-11am for example, is a great time, when the world is still waking up to their tasks. 

– Be elaborate: It’s in time like these that you need to emote via words. I cant see the pain or joy, the confidence or confusion you are in. A liner of email does not express. So, be more elaborate and practise non-violent communication

– Break out zone: For me, the past few days, I have had no switch off times. and I have my work table in my bedroom. This is apocalyptic. Working remotely with team

Though I have not done the same for myself, I recommend to you to treat a space in your home like it’s office. As you move out of that space, switch off. Also, try and end the day at 7. And start at 9:30. Don’t get swept in the enormity of Basecamp. Adjust Basecamp updates to ones that mention you. Don’t get overwhelmed.

Boost each other – That is a virtual pat.

Last but not the least, make sure you ‘Bakar up’ whenever you need. We will laugh, and pull your leg, like we always do… virtually…