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Read on to know who made the most news in Business in India in 2019. Wizikey Top Newsmakers 2019 is driven by data from a year of Indian news, analyzed by Wizikey.

2019 was a year of disproportionate news in the world of business and can be described as a roller coaster journey for the business world. So much so that we saw journalists glued to their screens even at 2 AM for any important news to reach them!

Wondering who the top newsmakers in the Business category for the year 2019 were?

Here they are:

  1. Reliance Industries Limited
  2. Jet Airways
  3. Amazon India
  4. Tata Sons
  5. Indigo Airlines

One common theme that defined why these companies were at the top of the pile in terms of making news was about their Key Business initiatives that were either perceived as a huge success (Reliance, Amazon) or disasters (Jet Airways, Indigo).

The year was not particularly good for automobile companies and airlines. On one hand, we saw one of the biggest airline players of India, Jet Airways folding up its business amid growing tension of debts and non-payment of salaries. On the other hand, the Indian automobile giant Maruti Suzuki also found itself in the news for all the wrong reasons, primary of them being- one of the worst slowdowns for the company in the recent past. Two of the largest conglomerates of the Indian Business sector, Reliance Industries, and Tata Sons were again making the most amount of news in India with the International brand of Amazon also making its presence felt in the news section.

Year in News 2019 – Wizikey Top Newsmakers

Reliance Industries

Reliance on the back of its AGM report, released in August 2019, was the biggest Newsmaker in the Business Category. The Conglomerate led by the now 9th richest man in the World, Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani created nearly one-third of the total news created by these top 5 companies. While others might have had their ups and downs, Reliance was on the rise nearly throughout the year. 

Most Common Buzzwords for Reliance – 2019

  • AGM Report 
  • Jio Platforms
  • Aramco Partnership
  • AGR Revenue sharing
  • Market performance

Top News for Reliance – 2019

AGM report:
An announcement that encompasses 70 highlights/features by the company. The biggest announcement was that of a Partnership with ARAMCO, Saudi Arabia that will pump in 15 Billion USD in its balance sheet, thereby significantly improving their debt situation

Share price:
Despite the market playing see-saw, Reliance saw its shares reach their highest ever value in 2019, thereby making sure that their shareholders were a happy bunch

Bailout for ADA Group:
Call it brotherly love or a masterstroke to further amplify its footing in the telecommunications sector, the payments made to Ericsson made enough buzz in the media for Reliance.

Jet Airways (India) Ltd.

This is possibly the last year when Jet Airways created News, owing to its closure and subsequent liquidation, it was not a happy farewell for any of its stakeholders. Under an extreme amount of duress from the last many quarters, the curtain finally closed on one of India’s biggest aviation companies in April 2019, when Jet Airways finally suspended its operation. However, the writing was on the wall since long as its shares took a nosedive at the beginning of the year and the founder, Naresh Goyal writing a letter to his employees to brace themselves as the worst was yet to come.

Most Common Buzzwords for Jet Airways – 2019

  • Flight Cancellation 
  • Aircraft Grounding
  • Insolvency Proceedings
  • Debt Resolution
  • Management Takeover

Top News for Jet Airways – 2019

  1. Jet Suspends operations: Jet suspending its operations was the fine nail in the coffin for the former aviation giant. The decision was made after the SBI-led consortium of lenders rejected the airline’s plea for 400 crores in emergency funds.
  2. Flights grounded: As a final warning of the approaching doom, Jet grounded over half of its fleet due to the lack of funds to operationally support the full fleet of 100 aircrafts
  3. Jet receives interim funds: The National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) directed Jet’s creditors to release interim funds for paying the staff and aircraft maintenance. This came after the tribunal was approached by a consortium of 26 lenders in June.  

Amazon India Ltd

Amazon stands heads and shoulders above its peers in terms of the visibility they created and the news they generated over the last year. Amazon has been in the spotlight for various reasons ranging from RIL’s entry into e-commerce to the changes in Indian e-commerce policies and even its almost unbelievable sales. Towards the end of the year, Amazon’s tussle with the Competition Commission of India over certain unfair practices saw some of their hard work undone. 

Most Common Buzzwords for Amazon – 2019

  • E-commerce policy
  • Prime day
  • Kirana stores
  • Food delivery
  • Digital payments

Top News for Amazon – 2019

Adding Kirana stores to the arsenal:
Amazon garnered the most attention this year through an announcement that changes its business model of selling solely online and adding Kirana stores to its arsenal to gear up for the impending battle with one of India’s largest conglomerates- Reliance Industries’ entry into e-commerce. 

Amazon’s Festive sales:
Owing to the heavy discounts offered by Amazon during the festive period and the numerous exclusive offers available meant Amazon was mentioned in almost all leading tech-based publications.

Amazon faces CCI snag:
Amazon faced an inquiry from CCI over their plans to acquire a 49% stake in a unit of India’s Future Group which owns 7.3% of Future Retail, giving them 3.8% stake in the retailer which operates more than 1,500 stores in the country. CCI raised concerns over Amazon exceeding the specified thresholds for combination regulations post-acquisition. 


Indigo was one of the biggest newsmakers this year with the ongoing feud between their promoters regarding the control structure of the company with the promoter’s going to court against each other. Indigo’s AGM also created news when both the promoters questioned by the board and directed them to solve their issues via mediation.

Indigo also created news after the collapse of Jet as it was the most prominent beneficiary regarding customer adoption, its sales also increased drastically afterward. The year for Indigo ended with interest coming from Qatar Airways regarding investment but Indigo is yet to confirm it.

Most Common Buzzwords for IndiGo – 2019

  1. Promoter Dispute
  2. Flight Cancellations
  3. Aviation Sector
  4. Disinvestment
  5. FDI in Aviation

Top News for IndiGo – 2019

The feud between Rahul Bhatia & Rakesh Gangwal:
The spat between Indigo promoters regarding control structure goes public with Rahul Bhatia and Rakesh Gangwal going court against each other. The promoters were also questioned by the board resulting in a mediation committee by the board.

Increase in Sales after Jet Collapse:
Indigo was the sole gainer after the Jet collapse resulting in a huge volume of sales as it was the most successful operator in the aviation industry.

Tata Sons

Tata Sons and their portfolio companies were regularly in the news for varied reasons throughout the year. Rumors around Jaguar being sold to BMW saw Tata mentioned in the news early in the year. Tata’s interest in Jet also gained traction with the media with people expecting a buyout. Tata Son’s received the most coverage by far when their Global Corporate Affairs Head, S. Jaishankar was appointed as the Foreign Minister of India followed by Air Asia’s expansion plans. 

Most Common Buzzwords for Tata Sons – 2019

  • S. Jaishankar
  • Jaguar Land Rover
  • GMR Infra 
  • Air Asia 

Top News for Tata – 2019

S. Jaishankar appointed as Foreign Minister:
Tata Sons’ Head of Corporate Affairs was appointed as India’s Foreign Minister. This saw Tata mentioned in all articles that covered the appointment giving them widespread visibility. 

Jaguar Land Rover quarter results:
Owing to speculation over Tata Sons selling Jaguar, JLR’s quarter results were well received by publications and saw substantial coverage for the brand. 

Air Asia’s Expansion:
After a slow 5 years, Air Asia announced its expansion plans for the coming 5 years. The announcement mentioned that they plan to add 100 aircraft to their fleet and begin international services by year-end.

Report Methodology

Wizikey’s proprietary tech was used in indexing all the category news chronologically and as per their average audience views. Post this, the articles were indexed according to their headline and byline to see which organizations were mentioned the most in the indexed articles and what was the frequency of the names used. Once the top 5 newsmakers were identified, the volume of news made by each of them was analyzed and information was drawn on the following aspects:

1. Their share in the cumulative amount of news created by all the top 5 participants

2. Most common buzzwords that are highlighted in the News created by each of the company

3. The timeline of the news created by them and when did they get the most amount of media attention

A thorough analysis of the above-mentioned points helped us gain relevant insights to media behavior in this category.